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Allergies and advice

All of our products are manufactured in a factory which handles oats, barley, wheat, products of fish and crustaceans. Although no nuts are included in the recipes of our products, we cannot guarantee that our products are free from nuts. As Such, we cannot guarantee that our products are free form these ingredients.

Information for Vegetarians and Vegans.

All of our protein sources are suitable for vegetarians. The protein we use is derived from cheese, milk or egg. This means that while suitable for vegetarians, our protein products are not suitable for vegans.
All of our capsule products use cellulose capsules and as such are suitable for vegetarians and Vegans

Information for Coeliacs.

Although not all of our products have gluten sources added to the formula, all of our products are manufactured in an environment that handles oats, barley and wheat. As a precaution, we cannot guarantee our products safe for coeliacs. If you choose to use our products, we recommend you speak to your doctor or GP about your sensitivity first.

Information for Professional Athletes

We do not add any banned substances to any of our products. For a full list of banned supplements and sport specific bans, please visit the WADA (World Anti Doping Authority) website;

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