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The CoreSport Story

The company was set up by us; Jim & Ranju, a husband and wife team. Being fitness fanatics and trying various brands, we became disillusioned with the majority of sports and nutrition products which are currently on the market. They were either too expensive or contained poor quality ingredients with cheap fillers.

So, one day after talking about how great it would be if only we could make our own range that we could completely trust, we took stock and thought why not actually do exactly that? And so, the simple idea became a reality and here we are today with the mission that:

“CoreSport aims to provide athletes and like minded people with a range of premium sports nutrition products at affordable prices”


All of our products are bespoke formulations utilising only the best quality and the most advanced ingredients available. In fact, we think that the formulations and quality of the ingredients are so good, that we happily identify them clearly on all our labelling with no need to resort to fancy sounding proprietary blends to hide inferior ingredients (which unfortunately many of our competitors do)!

What you see is what you get and at CoreSport, we aim to provide core values, core quality and core nutrition!

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CoreSport story
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